Visit to Carnegie Mellon University

On the second day of the visit of European delegation to Pittsburgh, PERES study mission had an opportunity to visit Carnegie Mellon University, where through a series of panels, the attendees were introduced to innovative solutions in smart city and mobility.

PERES study mission visited College of Engineering, that focuses on research and application of new solutions in the fields of connected autonomous mobility, drone analysis of bridges, cybersecurity, biometrics and advanced manufacturing.

They were also introduced to Traffic 21, college’s multi-disciplinary research institute focused on transport technologies and solving complex urban problems. They were presented with the institute’s advanced programmes, such as RoadBotics, which conducts road assessments, RapidFlow, developing smart transportation technologies for smart cities, and Aptiv, which creates intelligence for connected and automated vehicles. Traffic21 has also presented its Data Analysis Center for Mobility, that, records multimodal data and creates a dynamic model for the region that can provide predictive analytics. One of the examples given was the use of such analytics to find out when is the best time to close one of the 446 bridges in Pittsburgh in order not to hinder traffic.