PERES Mission Reaches Pittsburgh

After completing the agenda in Cleveland, PERES pilot study mission moved to Pittsburgh, where it was welcomed by the Secretary for Economic Development of Pennsylvania State, Dennis M. Davin, on behalf of Governor Tom Wolf, and by the Mayor of Pittsburgh, William Peduto.

Following a high-level welcome, meetings were held with the Pittsburgh Regional Alliance, the Allegheny Conference and the Urban Redevelopment Authority of Pittsburgh, during which the European Delegation was presented with the economic overview of the region, opportunities for partnerships and investment opportunities in Pittsburgh.

Large part of the networking reception was dedicated to the fact that Pittsburgh managed to completely shift its economy from being centered around the steel industry to an innovation- and research-driven economy. This is largely assisted by 35 universities and colleges with their research centers, low cost of living, favorable tax policies and presence of major innovator companies.

Concerning railway network, Pennsylvania is also viewed favorably, with over 1,300 miles of railways, three major railway operators and three intermodal terminals.

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