Institutional Roundtable on Ohio’s Rail and Transport

A high-level institutional roundtable was organized for the PERES study mission, with the support of Team NEO and JobsOhio, attracting representatives of institutions in charge of public transport in Ohio and Cleveland.

Matthew Dietrich, representative of the Ohio Rail Development Commission, a government agency in charge of non-legislative matters in railway transport presented the railway sector in Ohio in impressive number – being 4th in the US in railway network infrastructure, 3rd in intermodal transport, and with 2.8 billion USD turnover. He also suggested at a large opportunity, with Ohio having 5,800 level crossings in need of new technologies for management.

Lloyd McAdam from Ohio Department of Transportation also noted that Ohio’s has the 2nd state in the US by the number of bridges. While he openly admitted that there are no funds for expansion of the infrastructure, and that the funds are used for maintenance, he noted that this is also an opportunity as efficiency is one of the most sought-after items in the new technologies. He also listed a number of applications of new technologies that his institution is testing in transport management, focused on mobile technologies, sensor systems and data-based management systems.

The final panelist, Mr. Moussa Kassis from Ohio’s Small Business Center spoke of the programs his organization provides to assist the development of SMEs in Ohio.