Presentations of PERES in SEE Region

Members of Rail Cluster for South-East Europe (RCSEE) team visited several main exporting companies from the SEE region (Croatia, Slovenia, Austria, Serbia) in the February, March and first half of April 2018 and presented to them the possibilities for networking and preparing activities for entering non-European markets targeted by the project.

RCSEE team informed managers of the companies about the following steps (conducting the survey) of the project and call upon them to fulfill the surveys and give more information about their experiences on the non-European markets and details about the interest and needs for their possible future business expansion outside the EU markets and European continent.

Similar meetings with the companies and managers from SEE region will continue through the April, May, June… in Macedonia, Serbia and Slovenia with invitations to join and participate in the project activities and as a preparation for PERES business conference which is also planned by the project in the second part of 2018.