PERES Team Visiting EMD

As a part of its study visit to the US, PERES team visited Electro-Motive Diesel (EMD), part of the Progress Rail, a Catepillar company, leading US manufacturer of diesel-electric locomotives based in Illinois.

During the meeting with the representatives of Progress Rail, PERES team were presented with the new trends and developments in the US railway industry, including the new focus on the modernization of locomotives, and the switch of DC to AC drive locomotives. They were also presented the developments in the company itself, chief among them the switch from a manufacturing and sales company, to rolling stock and locomotives leasing as the leasing became a trend in the US in the past years.

PERES team was also shown the areas in which company is focusing its research, such as data analytics, asset tracking of rolling stocks and locating defects as a part of predictive maintenance. Also, USA’s Automatic Train Operation (ATO) technologies were discussed and how they are integrated in the locomotives.

Special attention was given to the fields in which Progress Rail is open to innovations and collaboration with outside companies – fuel savings, application of drone technology, driver monitoring – especially facial recognition technologies to detect fatigue and distraction and train automation.